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Basement draining

Draining your basement or crawl space

Is your basement or crawl space flooded? Don’t worry. With our super-fast service and high tech pumps and drying techniques your basement will be drained dry again in no time!

The cause

Your basement or crawl doesn’t flood for no reason. It could be due to a heavy downpour, but there is a chance that the cause is something more serious. Problem is that we are usually unable to determine what the problem is until the water is pumped out. After we have pumped the water out, we can identify the cause and do an expert repair.


Because we have several different pumps we can have your basement or crawl space almost completely sucked dry up to a few millimetres!


There is always some moisture or water left after pumping the space dry. This often draws into the walls or your belongings in the room unfortunately this does not get out without proper treatment. We can dry this up too. We use our water pistons to suck out the last layer of water and then we place space dryers to remove even the last moisture from the room and possible save your belongings from destruction.

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