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Rates and warranty

Proud of our rates

We at Sewer Cleaning Service North Holland we are proud of our rates. That’s why we show that we are cheaper than the competition. Feel free to keep checking our competitors, they cannot match our rates.

Clogging done from € 72.50!!

Call now for immediate contact with one of our mechanics!
We work Day and night!
Very quickly on the scene!
Residents of Buitenveldert, Oud zuid, Zuideramstel get a standard € 10 euro discount on the fixed rate received!!

If you are unable to make an appointment for during the day because of work or other commitments, call us before 17:00 for an evening appointment and get no extra evening surcharge on weekdays till 20:00.


Fees at the standard rate

• Weekdays from 17.00 – 22.00: 50 %
• Weekdays from 22.00 – 08.00 : 100 %
• Saturday from 10:00 – 18:00 pm: No extra charge!
• Sunday and overnight so outside these hours 100 %

rates for the repair or construction of the sewer will be given by phone or on the spot.


If you cannot be present at the agreed time because of an unexpected situation please let us know at least 3 hours in advance. Customers without absent notice at the appointed time will be charged €65, -.
If a sewer is longer than 20 meters it will be charged as a transport sewer. In that case you will receive our rate on the spot or by phone.

Warranty conditions:

If we cannot resolve a clogging due to construction errors, out-dated or damaged pipes piping blockage we will discuss a solution with you on the spot.

The guarantee of a blockage is one month. The warranty conditions are discussed by phone with you. This applies only to individuals and companies that are not part of the catering industry. If the blockage occurs within this month, it will be repaired free of charge.
The warranty on repairs and restoration is 6 months. These will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period.

The warranty is invalid if:

• There is construction debris or waste in the drain, down pipe or sewer.
• The drain is filled with tree roots or root growth.
• The blockage is situated outside your home or yard (This is almost always owned by the municipality).
• The blockage is caused by root growth in the main sewer.
• There is a break in the discharge pipe, down pipe or sewer.
• A building and / or construction error is detected.
• The pipes / tubes are out of date or have deteriorated, the pipes are in full or in partly silted , so that less than 80% of the original diameter is over.

We are not responsible for: any leakage damage to lead / steel pipes and pipes which are so outdated!

Call now for immediate contact with one of our mechanics! (24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year!)

Call free of charge: 06-24356980

Riool Reinigingsdienst helpt u graag bij het oplossen van de afvoerverstopping. Wij ontstoppen uw afvoer vanaf €72,50 (ex.btw).