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Sewer unclogging

Is your sewer clogged?

A problem with your sewer or drain is always unexpected and inconvenient.

Sewer cleaning service in North Holland professionally and fast!

Qualified sewer cleaning

We have professionally trained service technicians who work with the latest technology in the field of sewer cleaning. By choosing to work with professionals, you will lessen the risk of further problems!

Work area and services

We are active in various places such as: Amsterdam, Purmerend, Zaandam, Assendelft, Zandvoort, Haarlem, Almere, in and around het Gooi (including all little towns around these!). If you’re not sure whether we are in your area please contact us.

An overview of our services:

Unblocking rainwater drainage / gutter

Does the water run down the walls during a rain storm?  Then you probably have and obstruction in your rainwater drainage. This may be a blockage in your drainage or in your gutter. In both cases, we’ll be ready for you.

Problems with the toilet

Our vans are fully equipped for all kinds of problems with your toilet. From unclogging your toilet drain to installing a new toilet.

Shower and sink unclogging

Are you showering in a layer of water because the water no longer drains properly? Is there water in your sink or does the water come up when draining the dishwasher or washing machine? We have the right equipment to fix this problem!

Odour problems?

do you suffer from stench but  the cause is unknown? We’ll solve this problem for you using the latest techniques and offer you a suitable solution.

The benefits of contacting us:

· Direct mechanic on the line that answers your questions, to inform about the costs and make an appointment with you to solve your problems.

· No call-out charges, meter prices or wages. Standard prices for blockages.

· 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Call now for immediate contact with one of our mechanics! (24/7, 365 days a year).

Call free of charge: 06-24356980

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