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Sewer repair

Sanitary ware installation: fast and cheap

Are you looking for someone who can assemble your sanitary equipment? Sewer cleaning service North Holland has extensive experience with connecting sanitary ware.

Let a professional assemble your sanitairy ware

Connecting a toilet is not as easy as it seems. A professional plumber is your guarantee for a durable and watertight connection. For us, fitting sanitary ware or unclogging a sewer is a daily activity. Our ISO and VCA certificates guarantee quality and reliability.

Also for unclogging your sewer

The word ‘Sewer’ in our company name says it all: Sewer cleaning service specializes in unclogging toilets and preventing sewage odour. If you suffer from any of these problems, we are just a phone call away!

Our strengths:

Besides being sewer specialist we also do repairs and installation of sanitary ware
We’re very competitive in price!
Quality thanks to VCA and ISO certificates

Call now for immediate contact with one of our mechanics! 24/7 service!

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