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Sink unclogging

Is your sink clogged?

As soap, hair and other debris clump together in your drain, you have to deal with a clogged sink. Sewer Cleaning Service North Holland solves your problems in an expert manner. Save your time and effort and contact us. We will quickly find the cause and offer a sustainable solution. In addition, you will receive helpful tips to avoid clogging your drain

Transparent rates

Are you tired of the high rates other plumbers ask for? Then our prices will pleasant surprise you. Rather than call-out charges, meter rates and other extra costs, we have fixed prices. No matter How long we are working on your issue, you only pay the agreed upon fixed rate.

Note: some work applies a different rate rather than a fixed rate.  Please consult us by phone.

Other services

* Sewer construction

* Installing a sink

* Toilet unclogging

* Sewer repair

Are you looking for a reliable plumber to unclog your clogged sink? Then contact us.

Call now for immediate contact with one of our mechanics! (24/7, 365 days a year).

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