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WC unclogging

WC clogged?

If your toilet is clogged, it is advisable to first check some other things. You can begin by determining whether the other drains in the house still function well. For example you can test this by running a full bucket of water into the kitchen sink or by emptying the tub in the bathroom.

Be careful, not to get water back into your toilet on the ground floor. If you don’t want to risk it don’t do it. If you determine that there are no other problems in the house then you know that it is a toilet blockage.

This is generally easier to solve than a sewer blockage, but this does not necessarily mean that the problem is at the toilet. Often Pipes aren’t connected directly to the sewer, but they flow through their own pipes towards the sewer. If it appears that the water is coming up or other drains after some prolonged time other pipes don’t flow a 100 % through you will most likely have a sewer blockage. A sewer blockage can have various causes, such as using the toilet and wear on your pipes.



When sewer drains are clogged, various problems can arise. The most common problem is that the toilet no longer passes through. But odour and water coming up are also very common problems in a sewer blockage. These types of sewer problems can have many different causes. If a blockage in the sewer is present that blocks the access to the municipal sewer the water cannot leave your home. By using the right equipment, we are fully prepared to unclog every sewer. By checking the municipality wells and rinsing many litres of water we always make sure we have done our job as well as possible. In this way we minimize the risk of new problems.


A sewer blockage can also have a more indirect cause. Fractures and subsidence in the pipes provide much inconvenience. If your piping system is in poor condition cleaning the pipes is not sufficient to solve the problem.

Generally you could then be dealing with one of the following two indirect causes:

Wrong connection

If a sewer is not running properly on the sloping, dirt will often at kinks in the sewer. This is not good and will form a blockage over time. Often you can unclog the blockages at first but the problem will return after some time. To solve this problem, we will look at the right way to reinstall the sewer in a correct manner. This may involve the re- brace of the present situation, or a part of the sewer to be replaced and adjusted.

A fracture

Due to the great pressure of the parallel traffic and vibrations in the ground, it is possible that the pips will break or tear. Subsidence and tree roots are also major causes of breaks in your sewer system. Although you often do not see this at first, they are usually pretty visible on a sewer camera. If the tube is actually broken it will have to be replaced. Our mechanics always make sure that we bring the current situation back to its original state as well as possible. If there is to be dug we also ensure that the sand will neatly be put back and the paving will be back in place.

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